About Us

As a stay at home mom, a few thoughts circled in my mind throughout Woodrow’s first 6 months; How I love this new being more than I could have imagined, how I want the ability to be on call when he needs me, and of course, how I want to have the financial ability to support his future. Endless days of pondering what I should do, I found a way to take my passion for creating and turn it into a profession that made my dreams possible. 

Zensible hand pours candles using 100% organic, natural, and premium quality ingredients. Unlike other candles, these soy wax blends use an organic bees-wax coated hemp wick so you don't have to worry about those fail-to-mention additives. 

Our collection of necklaces, bracelets, and pendents are hand made products of Zensible.

Items may be limited.